Various Artists: East To The Beat: The Dirtiest Of The Dirty

Various Artists: East To The Beat: The Dirtiest Of The Dirty
Title: East To The Beat: The Dirtiest Of The Dirty
Label: Bear Family

We've all heard about the lowdown dirty blues, but just how low down and just how dirty can you get? Bear Family provides the answer in this ultra-smutty, ultra fun party CD. a hit with many church groups and parent-teacher associations, it is truly the living end when it comes to bad taste. You'll hear established blues giants and vocal groups like Amos Milburn, Dinah Washington, Boozoo Chavis, the Blenders, the Clovers, the Treniers, Bullmoose Jackson, Julia Lee, and Wynonie Harris extol the joys of oiling the jig on songs like Rotten Cocksuckers Ball, Poon Tang, Big Long Slidin' Thing, Big Ten Inch, Don't Fuck Around with Love, Drill Daddy Drill, and many more. Best of all, you'll hear an X-rated out-take of Jackie Wilson and LaVern Baker cutting loose on Think Twice. Never designed for release, this underground classic finally comes above ground, alongside other unheralded obscurities like Fred Wolff's Somebody Else Was Sucking My Dick Last Night.

1.1 I Wanta Man (Who's Gonna Do Right)
1.2 Mother Fuyer
1.3 Long John Blues
1.4 Fishin' Pole
1.5 Weddin' Day Blues
1.6 Hard Driving Blues
1.7 Move Your Hand, Baby
1.8 Don't Come Too Soon
1.9 I Like My Baby's Pudding
1.10 Sixty Minute Man
1.11 Big Ten-Inch Record
1.12 Rotten Cocksucker's Ball
1.13 My Ding-A-Ling
1.14 Poon-Tang!
1.15 Flyffy Hunter: Vocal: The Walkin' Blues
1.16 Laundromat Blues
1.17 Keep on Churnin'
1.18 Big Long Slidin' Thing
1.19 Don't F*#k Around with Love
1.20 Drill Daddy Drill
1.21 Work with Me, Annie
1.22 (I Love to Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang
1.23 Think Twice (Version X)
1.24 Hard Driving Blues (FT Two-Time Slim)
1.25 Stoop Down Baby
1.26 L.A. Women Love Uncle Bud
1.27 Bite It
1.28 Somebody Else Was Suckin' My D*#k Last Night

Various Artists: East To The Beat: The Dirtiest Of The Dirty

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