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Various Artists: Everybody's Talkin' - A Tribute To Fred Neil (Ltd Edition W/ Signed Art Print)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Everybody's Talkin' - A Tribute To Fred Neil (Ltd Edition W/ Signed Art Print)
Label: Y&T Music

Y&T Music is re-releasing Everybody's Talkin': A Tribute to Fred Neil, with a cross-section of folk, country and Americana artists interpreting the timeless songs of the late, legendary Florida troubadour. This new issue contains four brand new recordings, made exclusively for this album. Each copy comes with a numbered and signed art print by one of the featured artists! Eric Andersen (with John Sebastian), Rodney Crowell, Vince Martin, Charlie Pickett, Keith Sykes, Mary Karlzen and Bobby Ingram are among the artists delivering Neil chestnuts including "The Dolphins," "A Little Bit of Rain," "Ba-De-Da," "The Other Side of This Life," "Candyman" and, of course, "Everybody's Talkin.'" All net proceeds from the album, distributed by Alliance Entertainment, will go to Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project, which conservationist O'Barry founded with Neil and Stephen Stills in 1970.

1.1 The Dolphins - Eric Andersen
1.2 A Little Bit of Rain - Bobby ; Bryn Ingram
1.3 Dade County Jail - Jim Wurster ; Omine Eager
1.4 Blues on the Ceiling - Mandy Marylane
1.5 Ba-De-Da - Arlan Feiles
1.6 The Other Side of This Life - Charlie Pickett
1.7 Everything Happens - Diane Ward ; Jack Shawde
1.8 Come Back Baby - Jim Camacho
1.9 Everybody's Talkin' - Keith Skes
1.10 Candyman - Rodney Crowell
1.11 Tear Down the Walls - Mary Karlzen
1.12 Handful of Gimme - Vince Martin
1.13 Mississippi Train - Roger Bartlett
1.14 Bleecker ; MacDougal - Valerie C. Wisecracker
1.15 Country Boy - Tim Krekel
1.16 I've Got a Secret - the 18 Wheelers
1.17 That's the Bag I'm in - Patricio Johnson
1.18 The Dolphins - Matthew Sabatella ; Diane Ward

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