Various Artists

Various Artists: Greatest Songs Ever: China

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Greatest Songs Ever: China

1.1 Happy to See the Billowing Wheat Fields - Wang Guotong
1.2 Beijing Opera Tune - Jiangsu Folk Orchestra
1.3 The City Gate of Beijing Was Broken By the Crowds - China Broadcast Childrens Choir
1.4 The World Is Full of Love - LI Shu
1.5 The Princesses of Ming Dynasty - Liu Ying
1.6 Happy Together - Zhaxinima
1.7 Redemption - DJ Dimi
1.8 Mama - Luowuamu
1.9 Delivering Public Grain Happily - Min Huifen
1.10 River to Your Soul - DJ Dimi
1.11 My Taobuxiaor - Hanggai Band
1.12 The Young Heroic Sisters of the Mongolian Grassland - Liu Dehai

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