Various Artists: How Is The Air Up There? 80 Mod, Soul, RnB & Freakbeat Nuggets From DownUnder

Various Artists: How Is The Air Up There? 80 Mod, Soul, RnB & Freakbeat Nuggets From DownUnder
Title: How Is The Air Up There? 80 Mod, Soul, RnB & Freakbeat Nuggets From DownUnder
Label: RPM Records Uk

2018 three CD collection. Inspired by The Looking Series collections on RPM of UK '60s Nuggets, we now look in the world mirror at New Zealand. The country furthest from the UK and in this context the country most like the UK. For the latest in the RPM/Frenzy Music collaborations, we explore the mid-'60s club scene and the various classic singles tailored for that scene. After a brief love affair with Beatle-esque pop - New Zealand was visited by The Rolling Stones (twice), The Pretty Things, The Kinks and Manfred Mann in quick succession. These groups reshaped the musical landscape down under as Kiwis fell in love with the grungier callings of R&B and later soul - with both genres reigning supreme on their recording and live front - right up until the Sgt. Pepper period. Included in this collection are 80 recordings from over 50 of New Zealand's well known - and lesser known acts spanning 1965-1969. 19 tracks are on CD for the first time; six tracks are previously unreleased. As well as the local HMV, RCA and Philips labels we have the cream of NZ's own labels as sources including Action, Impact, Zodiac, Allied International and La Gloria. A stunningly detailed booklet accompanies the package with biogs of all the artists plus many rare photos, including actual club interiors, and memorabilia courtesy of New Zealand's leading authority Grant Gillanders. For any '60s collector this is a fascinating snapshot of a mirrored scene, and for those outside of Australasia probably a first chance to own a copy of many of the recordings. Even for those inside that territory well over half the recordings on the box have not been available for decades.

1.1 How Is the Air Up There - the la de Da's
1.2 Painter Man - Larry's Rebels
1.3 I'm Your Witch Doctor - Chant's R'N'B
1.4 A Working Man - the Rayders
1.5 Go Go - the Four Fours
1.6 Social End Product - the Bluestars
1.7 Down in the Mine - Peter Nelson ; the Castaways
1.8 I Need You - Tom Thumb
1.9 Woman - the Breakaways
1.10 No More Now - the Smoke
1.11 Don't Stand in My Way - the la de Da's
1.12 Hurtin All Over - the Pleazers
1.13 Single Man - the Bitter End
1.14 Come and See Me - Sandy Edmonds
1.15 Anything You Like - Spectres
1.16 Living It Down - the Deep Set
1.17 Get Out of My Life, Woman - the Roadrunners
1.18 Now She's Mine - Crescendos
1.19 I Can Take It - the Bluestars
1.20 I Can't Stop - the Principals
1.21 I Feel Good - Larry's Rebels
1.22 I'm Happy Too - Hubb Kapp ; the Wheels
1.23 He's Ready - the Clevedonaires
1.24 Is It Over Baby ? - the Pleazers
1.25 I Can't Make a Friend - the Action
1.26 Control Your Love - the Smoke
1.27 Listen to Me - the Gremlins
2.1 On Top of the World - the la de Da's
2.2 Got Love - Tom Thumb
2.3 Day By Day - the Action
2.4 The Devil Is a Woman - the Deep Set
2.5 Get the Picture - the Selected Few
2.6 Baby Doll - Grim LTD
2.7 She's Gonna Get Me - the Four Fours
2.8 I'll Be Around - the Principals
2.9 Ugly Thing - the Cossacks
2.10 A House in the Country - the Roadrunners
2.11 I Can't Explain - Bari ; the Breakaways
2.12 Now You Shake - Ray Columbus ; the Invaders
2.13 Hey Joe - Sebastian's Floral Array
2.14 Little Miss Rhythm and Blues -Judge Wayne ; the Convicts -
2.15 Lost Woman - the Clevedonaires
2.16 Never Trust Another Woman - the Smoke
2.17 Milk Cow Blues - Grim LTD
2.18 Just Out of Reach - Identity
2.19 Don't Wanna Be Lonely Anymore - the Bluestars
2.20 What'cha Gonna Do - the la de Da's
2.21 All for One - the Breakaways
2.22 She's Mine - Larry's Rebels
2.23 It's You - the Secrets
2.24 Women - the Principals
2.25 I'm Gonna Say Yeah - the Librettos
2.26 Mr Jinx - Tommy Adderley
2.27 Bus Ride - Terry Dean ; the Nitebeats
3.1 All Night Worker - the Newshounds
3.2 Hallelujah - Quincy Conserve
3.3 I'm Good for You - Troubled Mind
3.4 Love Love Love - Gene Pierson
3.5 A Little Lovin' Sometime - the Castaways
3.6 Something Fresh - the Action
3.7 See Saw - the Underdogs
3.8 Jump Back - the la de Da's
3.9 I'm in Love with a Stranger - the Soundells
3.10 Rescue Me - the Librettos
3.11 Love - Mr Lee Grant
3.12 Hhurtin' - Johnny Devlin
3.13 You Got to Me - Gene Pierson
3.14 Things Go Better - the Challenge
3.15 Over You - the Newshounds
3.16 Turn to Stone - Concrete Lamb
3.17 Lovin' Look - Quincy Conserve
3.18 At a Time Like This - the Castaways
3.19 Neighbour Neighbour - Chant's R'N'B
3.20 Get Ready - Le Frame
3.21 Pains of Love - Billy Karaitiana
3.22 So Badly Baby - the Spectres
3.23 Security - the Pleazers
3.24 Never Ever - the Action
3.25 As Long As I Had You - Lee Grant
3.26 Coffee Grind - Jay Epae

Various Artists: How Is The Air Up There? 80 Mod, Soul, RnB & Freakbeat Nuggets From DownUnder

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