Various Artists

Various Artists: I-10 Connection

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: I-10 Connection
Label: Laf/Tex Versatyl Ent

1.1 I-10 Connected - B.V.C
1.2 Third Coast Players - DJ DMD, Scrappy J Bird, Young Mafios
1.3 My Intentions - Real Nity, Scrappy, Young Mafios
1.4 Slip-N-Slide - T Pop, Yungstar
1.5 Straight Player (Interlude) - Infared
1.6 Pimp My Pen - Young Mafios
1.7 All Up in My Ashtray - Ced G, Young Mafios
1.8 Ain't No Ni*A - C-Milson, Ced G, Mr. Outlaw, Street Orphan, Young Mafios
1.9 What's Da Damn Deal - Ced G, Real Nity, Scrappy, Young Mafios
1.10 Jail House Rock (Interlude) - Mr. Shook
1.11 Don't Step on My Shoes - Ced G, KT, Scrappy, Street Orphan, Stress
1.12 Bigga Da Ni*A - Birdman, Birdman, Distriber, 380
1.13 Dazed and Confused
1.14 Heavy Weighter - Big Fresh, Magic Cracklin
1.15 Operation Coffee and Donuts (Interlude) - Ced G, Marques, Real Nity, Scrappy
1.16 Peace of Mind - KT, Young Mafios
1.17 Darkside Rider - B.A.D.D
1.18 Kick Door - B.A.D.D, Jay Dog, Slim Thug
1.19 F*CK Em All - Ced G, Chill, KT
1.20 Lafayette to H-Town - Ced G, KT, Lil Mario, Mr. Outlaw, Scrappy

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