Various Artists

Various Artists: Kankobela Of The Batonga / Various

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Kankobela Of The Batonga / Various
Product Type: VINYL LP

SWP Records present a compilation focusing on the kankobela titled, The Kankobela of the Batonga. The kankobela is the thumb-piano of the Batonga people who live on either side of Lake Kariba, in Zambia or Zimbabwe. Upon hearing this music, it is hard to believe that the kankobela is an acoustic instrument considering it's "electric" qualities. The "distortion" is made by taking the membrane a mother spider spins around her eggs and stretching it over a small hole in the hardwood plank of the instrument to create that wonderful buzzing. The "wah-wah" effect is achieved by lifting the plank at one end slightly off, then back on the resonator. The less taut the membrane, the heavier the buzz: "Tongatronics" but without any electricity! Other-worldly songs, mesmerizing time patterns - groovy, funky, ancient yet modern. Recordings by Michael Baird. Features: Nyeleti Mukkuli, Edward Mun'goma, Daunzi Munsaka, Johnny Mudenda, Aaron Nchenje, Andrew George Munyumbwe, Leonard Mweemba Siapwayuma and Timothy Mudimba.

1.1 Nyeleti Mukkuli - Nchembele Musimbi Wangu (5:33)
1.2 Edward Mun'goma - Nkaambonzi Beenzuma (5:31)
1.3 Daunzi Munsaka - Kungoma (4:38)
1.4 Johnny Mudenda - Kwakasika Mbwelaani (3:23)
2.1 Aaron Nchenje - Wakali Perfume (4:21)
2.2 Andrew George Munyumbwe - Saliya Ndakuleka (6:31)
2.3 Leonard Mweemba Siapwayuma - Kwasyaala Piece Kufwa (3:47)
2.4 Timothy Mudimba - Ntwambonzi (4:06)

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