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Various Artists: Lake of Illusions Vol. 3 / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Title: Lake of Illusions Vol. 3 / Various
Label: HMV Record Shop

The first memorable album of the series, LAKE OF ILLUSIONS, was released back in 2017. The idea of the compilation came out from unique collection and section from HMV Tachikawa store (in Tokyo). In 2020, LAKE OF ILLUSIONS Vol.2 was released under the theme of "Water". And this brand new piece, LAKE OF ILLUSIONS Vol.3, has a concept of Jazz-themed album. Newly written tracks by these 13 artists are exclusively available on the compilation only. Bushmind?Yamaan?ind_fris?hakobune?Rachael Dadd & Ichi?Takako Minekawa?Kin Leonn?Yoshiharu Takeda?Ytamo?Blahmuzik?Inner Science?Uncle Fish?Taichi Hirano. With the "Jazz" concept based on ambient/new age genres, borderless lively soundscape stands out which the word "fresh" should suit. The musical scenery should change depending on situations. Over 70 minutes of magnificent meditation music.

1.1 Stellar Blue / Bushmind
1.2 ??? / Yamaan
1.3 Texture of Green Pond / Ind_Fris
1.4 The Way Out / Hakobune
1.5 Mirror / Rachael Dadd ; Ichi
1.6 Hourglass in the Dunes / Takako Minekawa
1.7 Love Letter 3 / Kin Leonn
1.8 Stella By Starlight / Yoshiharu Takeda
1.9 Elements / Ytamo
1.10 ???? / Blahmuzik
1.11 Woven Ambient / Inner Science
1.12 Plantation / Uncle Fish
1.13 Free Bird / Taichi Hirano

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