Various Artists: Lesbo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Various Artists: Lesbo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Title: Lesbo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Label: Beat Italy

Finally available in it's complete edition Lesbo, the soundtrack which witnesses De Masi's great orchestration talent and Alessandroni's creativity. A very good score for a movie with an exotic title but with a plot which is not entirely convincing. Now the album is interesting for today's audience as it's good lounge, 70s music can still be a good soundtrack for summer aperitifs by the beach or for moments of relaxation. Available in a jewel box with original color artwork and liner notes by Filippo De Masi. Limited edition of 500 copies.

1.1 Qualsiasi Cosa
1.2 L'isola Dell'amore
1.3 Lesbo-Seq. 3
1.4 A Mezza Luce
1.5 Sesso in Controluce
1.6 Lesbo-Seq. 8
1.7 Lesbo-Seq. 10
1.8 Lesbo-Seq. 11
1.9 Lesbo-Seq. 12
1.10 Lesbo-Seq. 13
1.11 Crepuscolo Sul Mare
1.12 Lesbo-Seq. 17
1.13 Lesbo-Seq. 19
1.14 Drammatica Rinucia
1.15 Sirtaki Di Lesbo
1.16 Lesbo-Seq. 23
1.17 Lesbo-Seq. 24
1.18 Con Te Per Sempre
1.19 Lesbo-Seq. 29
1.20 Lesbo-Seq. 30
1.21 Lesbo-Seq. 34
1.22 Lesbo-Seq. 35
1.23 Lesbo-Seq. 36
1.24 L'isola Dell'amore

Various Artists: Lesbo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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