Various Artists

Various Artists: Let The Boogie Woogie Rock N Roll

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Let The Boogie Woogie Rock N Roll

As the 1950's rolled in and post-war prosperity took effect in the U.S., the roots of rock 'n' roll became firmly embedded, and no more so than Atlantic Records that provided the 25 boogie, jivers and jumpers that make up this fine compilation.

1.1 Mess Around - Ray Charles
1.2 Big Foot May - Hal Paige ; His Blues Boys
1.3 Alarm Clock Boogie - Odelle Turner with Jesse Stone ; His Orchestra
1.4 Wine-O-Wine - Willis "Gator" Jackson ; The 4 Gators
1.5 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash - the Clovers
1.6 Ee-Til-Ya-Dee - the Tilters
1.7 Big Mamou Daddy - Carmen Taylor
1.8 Uh-Huh - George 'MR. Blues' Jackson
1.9 I'm Gonna Cross That River - Tommy Ridgley
1.10 Got the Water Boiling - the Regals
1.11 Bump Miss Susie - Joe Turner with Van 'Piano Man' Walls ; His Orchestra
1.12 Let the Boogie Woogie Roll - Clyde McPhatter
1.13 My Beat Is a 125th Street - Eunice Davis
1.14 Rhumboogie Jive - Frank 'Floorshow' Culley ; His Band
1.15 As Long As I'm Moving - Ruth Brown ; Her Rhythm Makers
1.16 Beans and Corn Bread - Joe Morris
1.17 Why Oh Why - Frankie Marshall
1.18 Fanny Lou - Frankie Marshall
1.19 (Wake Up) Miss Rip Van Winkle - the Tibbs Brothers
1.20 I'm Going Crazy - the Tibbs Brothers
1.21 Hey Memphis - Lavern Baker
1.22 Shuffle in the Gravel - Young Jessie
1.23 Shooty Booty - Ivory Joe Hunter
1.24 Bip Bop Bip - Pretty Boy
1.25 Rock 'N' Roll Espanole - Mad Man Taylor ; His Piano

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