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Various Artists: Meditations of the Spirit / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Meditations of the Spirit / Various

This album is a collaboration of musicians from different parts of the world created to uplift the listener. It is a blend of Chinese and English meditations and includes diverse instruments such as the piano, Spanish guitar, yang qin, cello, Malaysian flute and bass.

1.1 God Is Sufficient - Cheng Lin, Elika Mahony ; Siria Rutstein
1.2 The Hallowed Beauty - Elika Mahony ; Zhao LI
1.3 Rose of Love - Elika Mahony ; Zhao LI
1.4 The Garden of Changeless Splendor - Jin R
1.5 The Bird Which Soareth - Jin R
1.6 Neglect Not My Commandments - Elika Mahony ; Zhao LI
1.7 Should Prosperity Befall Thee - Zhao LI
1.8 Pure and Goodly Deeds - Lily LI
1.9 Lodestone of the Hearts - Lily LI
1.10 Noble I Made Thee - Lily LI
1.11 Commune with My Spirit - Lily LI

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