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Various Artists: Tectonic Plates 1 / Various

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Tectonic Plates 1 / Various
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Originally released in 2006 over a series of 10", and accompanying CD, Tectonic Plates Volume 1 became a hugely important landmark in the evolving soundscape of the emerging dubstep scene at the time. The compilation features an all-star line-up and includes many formative classic tracks by scene-defining producers of the era. If you were there at the time, you will know this was a definitive compilation for both Tectonic and for dubstep in general. Ten years later and Tectonic are celebrating this seminal release with a special edition reissue, collating all eight tracks from the 10" series into a double vinyl 12" pack. "Bahl Fwd" opens the compilation in fine style. It's known for being Skream's weightiest ever production, and when dropped on the right system will cause buildings to crumble. It's an all-star lineup though and alongside we also find underground anthems from Digital Mystikz' "Molten", Oris Jay under his Tectonic alias DQ1, with "Wear The Crown"; Roly Porter of Vex'd under the guise of Armour with "Iron Man"; Distance's trippy sitar-led "Temptation"; MRK1's grime-dubstep crossover sound of "Slang"; Hijak's drifiting "Nightmarez" and, of course, one of the all-time Loefah classics, "System". Original sounds from a definitive era in dubstep music. Also included in this limited edition package is CD2 of the original Tectonic Plates Volume 1 CD edition - a special Tectonic mix recorded in 2006 by Pinch featuring compilation tracks alongside exclusive, and still unreleased, tracks such as "Pages" by Pinch, "Full Metal Jacket" by Omen and "The Haunted" by Headhunter. Limited edition vinyl reissue with additional CD.

1.1 Skream - Bahl FWD
1.2 Distance - Temptation
2.1 DQ1 - Wear the Crown
2.2 MRK1 - Slang
3.1 Loefah - System
3.2 Digital Mystikz - Molten
4.1 Armour - Iron Man
4.2 Hijak - Nightmarez

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