Various Artists: Tribute To Beherit (Various Artists)

Various Artists: Tribute To Beherit
Title: Tribute To Beherit (Various Artists)
Label: Metal Bastard
Product Type: VINYL LP

Featuring global acts like Hellchasm, Raped Christ, Satanic Warmaster and many more. Beherit are legends and this is the best tribute with songs like Oath Of Black Blood, The Gate Of Nana, Sadomatic Rites and many more. Limited vinyl edition.

1.1 Salomon's Gate - Morbosidad
1.2 Unholy Pagan Fire - Tsjuder
1.3 Paradise - Satanic Warmaster
1.4 Pagan Moon - Inverted Pentagram
1.5 Down There - Cryptitis
1.6 Black Arts - Hellchasm
1.7 The Gate of Nana - Elitism
1.8 Oath of Black Blood - Kerberos
1.9 Sadomatic Rites - Raped Christ
1.10 Salomon's Gate - Bloody Vengeance
1.11 Black Wings - Hacavitz
1.12 Witchcraft - Demonomancy
1.13 Metal of Death - Barabbas
1.14 Hail Satanas - Thornspawn
1.15 Grave Desecration - Blasphemor

Various Artists: Tribute To Beherit (Various Artists)

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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