Various Artists: Unda Ground Railroad

Various Artists: Unda Ground Railroad
Title: Unda Ground Railroad
Label: CD Baby

The Levite Camp Is A crew Of Cross Genre Artist out of Virginia Beach Va, That have one goal in mind and that is changing the music industry from being the lying fairytale that it is.The Levite Camp Is Finally giving our generation what we really want and that is truth. This camp is truly sick of the lies and the phony lifestyles that have been betrayed on MTV & BET For so many years now and they are now standing as this generations next voice drawing a line for war to expose the lies that have been misleading and killing off this generation for the past 10 years now. Many of them have lost love ones due to this culture that purposely defiles women and children while also encouraging fathers not to be as so. You have got to hear the message they bring to you by way of a modernday 'Underground Railroad' using hot verses that are freeing today's Toby's and Kunta's. They have been known to move in the underground places, pulling out those who are enslaved to a falling culture. Is it hip-hop,Rock, Soul or Fusion? Are they Artist or Activist? Some Say It's The Next Renaissance........ Check them out @ 12Strings.Com.

1.1 A-Train
1.2 Ain't No Life
1.3 Cross Over
1.4 Everybody Get Up
1.5 Make It Hot
1.6 B-Train
1.7 Straight 2 the Point
1.8 What If ?
1.9 One of Those Day's
1.10 Real
1.11 She Cries
1.12 Of a Man Down
1.13 Empire
1.14 C-Train
1.15 The Game Is a Fairy Tale
1.16 D-Train
1.17 Rock Star

Various Artists: Unda Ground Railroad

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