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Various Artists: Under What Flag - A Tribute To Fad Gadget / Various

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Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Under What Flag - A Tribute To Fad Gadget / Various

2017 collection. A smattering of underground dark electronic artists pay tribute to the truly groundbreaking British avant-garde artists, Fad Gadget (AKA Frank Tovey). Blending electronics with found-object noise and deadpan vocals made FG an influence on everyone from Depeche Mode, Liars, NIN and others. Include performances by industrial icons Leæther Strip, LA-based composer George Sarah, NOIR feat. Athan Maroulis and others.

1.1 Bioassay - Collapsing New People
1.2 Blakk Glass - Lady Shave
1.3 Blicky - Ricky's Hand
1.4 Canter - the Box
1.5 Charlatan - Fireside Favourite
1.6 Cortex Defect - Back to Nature
1.7 Cylab - Swallow It
1.8 George Sarah - Arch of the Aorta
1.9 Labrynth - King of the Flies
1.10 Leæther Strip - Back to Nature
1.11 Maleagant - Saturday Night Special (Threatened Brick in the Wall)
1.12 Manufactura - Insecticide
1.13 Microchip Junky - Insecticide
1.14 Missing Witness - the Box
1.15 Noir - Back to Nature
1.16 Pixelpussy - State of the Nation
1.17 Shrapnihil - Insecticide

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