Various Artists

Various Artists: Vinyl Vic's Number 06 Rare Answer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vinyl Vic's Number 06 Rare Answer

1.1 My Pussycat
1.2 Lovin Man
1.3 Girl from Saginaw Michigan
1.4 Take It Off Take It Off
1.5 Hit Him with My First Shot
1.6 Let's Go Smoke Some Pot
1.7 This Land Is Your Land
1.8 Don't Puke on My Shoes
1.9 You Keep the Money
1.10 I'll Never Come Back Silly Boy
1.11 He's a Yankee
1.12 Do You Really Want to Rescue Me
1.13 You Threw a Lucky Punch
1.14 I Got Your Number
1.15 He's About a Mover
1.16 Pappa
1.17 Stranded in the Pool
1.18 I'm Calling on You
1.19 She's Got Colonel Sanders Thighs
1.20 Down in the Cellar
1.21 Anyone But You
1.22 Understand Your Gal
1.23 In Love with You
1.24 I Don't Dig Western Movies
1.25 LSD
1.26 Shittin Off the Dock [XXX]
1.27 I Hate
1.28 His Ghoul
1.29 Black Stockings

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