Vell Bakardy

Vell Bakardy: Declassified

$12.88 $14.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Vell Bakardy

Title: Declassified
Label: CD Baby

This album is the return of Vell Bakardy to the Hip Hop scene. Vell has been out of the music mainstream for 5 years and is ready to share his new music and viewpoints to all of his past and future fans. Vell put a lot emotion into the creation of 'It's a Boy' that is on the newest album called 'Declassified'.

1.1 Intro
1.2 All You Want
1.3 Nobody
1.4 Genius
1.5 Whip It Chop It
1.6 In Route
1.7 Doin Major Things
1.8 Spit Game
1.9 It's a Boy
1.10 Without Vell
1.11 True Gritter
1.12 Transformation
1.13 Talk About Me
1.14 Basketball

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