Faiella Victoria

Faiella Victoria: Wild Butterfly

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Title: Wild Butterfly
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Within the first few measures of "War Pigs," you realize that Victoria Faiella is a force to be reckoned with. Taking on Black Sabbath's perennial anthem is one thing, transporting it to the other side of the world is another. Under Faiella's direction, "War Pigs" receives a culture shock, heavy metal turning into mysterious, Middle Eastern exoticism. But this rhythmic, witchy arrangement is sort of a non sequitur. "Love Ashes-Crack the Whip" is pure romanticism, the singer's voice shifting from the distorted pitch of "War Pigs" to one that's soft and lilting. Faiella is a nimble picker and percussionist, and both skills are on display on "All Fall Down"-a track that would feel like global folk if not for a string section. As a musician, Faiella's scope is formidable, her songs transfixing each in their own way. And she can give Ozzy a run for his money. We like her. (From the Ourstage Magazine Article 'Lipstick On A War Pig' written by Kate B) ______________ Imagine if you will lush string arrangements, piano, world percussion, exotic instrumentations, rhythmic acoustic guitars, the occasional loop and some big ol' rock drums and you'll have just some of the elements that make up the backdrop of music that Victoria Faiella honestly and soulfully emotes over. A voice that delivers the same intensity whether whaling or whispering, one can't help but to be lured into the pure beauty of Faiella's words and music. Juxtaposed genres of rock, soul, world, alternative pop, and classical are elegantly and cohesively intertwined by the constant of Faiella's unique and eclectic sound, a sound that not only defies all genres but in essence creates one that is solely her own.

1.1 Faith
1.2 Wild Butterfly
1.3 To Be My Man
1.4 Sometimes
1.5 The Damage
1.6 Atala
1.7 War Pigs
1.8 Love's Ashes
1.9 Crack the Whip
1.10 All Fall Down
1.11 Drained
1.12 Home
1.13 Goodnight My Hero
1.14 Wild Butterfly (Eumaeus Atala)

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