Voltaire: Ooky Spooky

Voltaire: Ooky Spooky
Title: Ooky Spooky
Label: Projekt Records

"It's a Halloween party in a jewel-box" Voltaire comments about OOKY SPOOKY, his most hilariously irreverent CD to date. Years in the making, Voltaire's 5th album contains a duet with the Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer, a track from a Cartoon Network movie plus his crowd-pleasing songs about zombies, devils, and dancing skeletons. In fact necrophilia, cannibalism, prostitution, buggery, blasphemy, sacrilege, going to hell, and bombing New Jersey are just a few of the charming topics covered on OOKY SPOOKY.

1.1 Land of the Dead
1.2 Zombie Prostitute
1.3 Cannibal Buffet
1.4 Day of the Dead
1.5 Blue-Eyed Matador
1.6 Bomb New Jersey
1.7 Cantina
1.8 Stuck with You
1.9 Dead
1.10 Reggae Mortis
1.11 Hell in a Handbasket

Voltaire: Ooky Spooky

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