Vrabceta: Ohi Shope

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Artist: Vrabceta

Artist: Vrabceta
Title: Ohi Shope

A Bulgarian vocal and dance-theater ensemble formed by teenagers who meet after school and refine their talents under the guidance of teachers with experience in singing, direction, choreography, and music direction and with the help of stage designers, scene technicians and of the sound engineer and composer Boiko Petkov. Here are conceived the boldest projects by themselves, who produce one show a year and punctually perform it in the theaters of the Bulgarian capital and in the largest cities of the country. On stage, the number of kids varies and peaks in the choral scenes, where thirty 'Little Sparrows' perform, singing, playing, and pirouetting in playful movements of dance-theater. Thus they stir the enjoyment not only of their 'fans' of the same age, but also of the grown up public.

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