Vtt: Symptoms of Sin

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Artist: Vtt

Artist: Vtt
Title: Symptoms of Sin

GIL PZ - Vocals EMiR ERKAL - Guitars PRIMER - Bass T-BONE - Drums Formed in 2005 by Emir Erkal on guitars and long time friend T-Bone on drums, the duo soon brought in Primer on bass and topped off this new up and coming alt-metal band with the masterfully vocalized emotional poetry by vocalist Gil Pz. VTT blazes out of the studio in mid 2009 armed with a furiously precise new album aptly entitled 'Symptoms of Sin'. With Billy Graziadei (Biohazard / Suicide City) at the producer's reigns, VTT showcases their talent by creating a satisfying and unpredictable album that shows the band has something to prove. The charismatic guitar demon and true force behind the band, Emir explains VTT's newest approach; 'We know the scene, and the scene knows us, but we're coming at this in full force in a new way. People are excited about the new voice.' The 'new voice' refers to the newest member Gil PZ, a seasoned metal vocalist who recently relocated from Texas, having worked with bands such as Phonetica and Deviltry. VTT doesn't bolster a false pretense of originality. Gil explains, 'Worry about the songs being good first, originality comes second.' 2009 has been a busy year for the band. Intense bouts of song-writing commenced early in the year, demo sessions and extensive touring of the North East USA began soon after. The eclectic singer describes their journey; 'suicide hangovers' blurred the difference between 'Long Island' and 'Rhode Island', rental vans were destroyed, and more. A bit of Fear & Loathing in New England...!' 'We've been in Billy's studio (Underground Sound Studios) for a couple of months now and the results have been great!' With the CD completed, the band went on to make a video for the single 'The Victim' which will be serviced in fall 2009. VTT hail from the wastelands of the Garden State armed with a heavy-melodic, radio-friendly sound with provoking lyrics and a confident melancholy collection of art with genuine working-class tenacity that is sure to make waves and turn heads... Tim Louie of The Aquarian '... I have to say that these guys are part of the hard working band fraternity. I'm sure their fan base is huge already, but if these guys keep trekking the way they are, they're definitely going places! ...' Rocket of TheMetalDen.com '...New Jersey's VTT ranges from sounding like old school Biohazard to the rocking 'more commercial' sounds of Sevendust, most importantly demonstrating that they can write some tried-and-true heavy metal arrangements that still have radio appeal...' Brian Rademacher of Rockeyes.com '...Unique and raw, aggressive harmonies, catchy lyrics. They are a hidden gem of metal...' John Lewins of Hardrockhouse.com '...VTT show their commitment and skill in their individual areas and this all comes through in a set of proper songs that have powerful riffs and hook laden choruses...' Matthew Hoffman of HardRockHaven.net '...With their skill for producing metal it should be no time before someone inks a deal with these sick bastards...'

1.1 The Victim
1.2 Light Divided
1.3 You're My Punishment
1.4 Never Died Before
1.5 Wake of the White Devil
1.6 Looking for Serenity
1.7 Deleted Scenes
1.8 World of Lies [Live]
1.9 Wake of the White Devil [Radio Edit]
1.10 The Victim [Multimedia]

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