Wall of Funk

Wall of Funk: Vital Hiatus

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Artist: Wall of Funk

Artist: Wall of Funk
Title: Vital Hiatus

Without any specific genre to properly fit into we have effectively created our own brand of Wisconsin Funk Metal. Using unique combinations of influence from musical greats such as Pantera and 311, and mixing the intensity of Rage Against the Machine and the bass riff influences of Primus you find Wall of Funk. The originality and musical drive of these influences has pushed us to create a truly unique sound. We pride ourselves on mixing music from all ends of the genre spectrum and coming out with an honestly distinctive tone, style, and message. Vital Hiatus is the the band's first full length album, as well as the first album recorded collectively with the line up of lead singer and guitarist Joe Marsden, bassist Lennon Baker, and drummer Cal Lamore. The band decided to recruit a good friend and talented engineer Lee Petz to do the recording, mixing, and mastering for the album, as well as help with production ideas. It took about a year and a half to complete, but was well worth the time it took, as you'll hear from the start of the first track! This album his a huge step up from the EP Hot Insight, and a great first foot forward for the band in a professional sense. You can really hear the band's polished sound come together on this album, while still keeping a creative, experimental funk metal and mellow groove feel to their song writing. The band's best received song 'Like Cocaine' was the first single off of this album and really shows how WOF can take something that sounds more mainstream and still make it unique and their own. The second single, 'New Experience' more so features what the band can do with in your face funk metal riffs and lyrics.

1.1 New Experience
1.2 Skank Rock
1.3 Mirage
1.4 Monkeys Anonymous
1.5 Interlude
1.6 Like Cocaine
1.7 Wandering Out
1.8 Bat in Your Face
1.9 Hiatus
1.10 Fall (The Empire)
1.11 Wall of Funk

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