Wanda Jackson

Wanda Jackson: Wonderful Wanda / Lovin Country Style + 6 Bonus TR

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wanda Jackson

Title: Wonderful Wanda / Lovin Country Style + 6 Bonus TR
Label: Hoodoo Records

1.1 In the Middle of a Heartache
1.2 Seven Lonely Days
1.3 If I Cried Every Time You Hurt Me
1.4 Is It Wrong
1.5 Don't Ask Me Why
1.6 Let My Love Walk in
1.7 A Little Bitty Tear
1.8 I Need You Now
1.9 I Don't Wanta Go
1.10 We Could
1.11 You Don't Know, Baby
1.12 I'd Be Ashamed
1.13 Lovin' Country Style
1.14 Wasted
1.15 Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
1.16 You Won't Forget (About Me)
1.17 I'd Rather Have a Broken Heart
1.18 If You Knew What I Know
1.19 Tears at the Grand Ole Opry
1.20 I Cried Again
1.21 It's the Same World (Wherever You Go)
1.22 The Heart You Could Have Had
1.23 The Right to Love
1.24 You'd Be the First One to Know
1.25 Lost Weekend
1.26 I Misunderstood
1.27 This Should Go on Forever
1.28 Between the Window and the Phone
1.29 Whirlpool
1.30 Tongue Tied

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