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Wayfarers All: Wayfarers All

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Artist: Wayfarers All

Artist: Wayfarers All
Title: Wayfarers All

Wayfarers All Forming in the winter of 2006, the Wayfarers All has been at the forefront of the Asheville music scene, rapidly building a strong following of Jazz-Fusion lovers. The band has had an impact on the Jazz-Fusion, Progressive Rock sounds in the region, with the music comprised of mixing Jazz with Progressive Rock, Break-Beat, Indie, and Classical. The music is widely composed of complex compositions, variety of effects and Sultry Lyrics. The name "Wayfarers All" is based around an idea found in Kenneth Grahame's Wind in the Willows, that life is a journey of exploration. That learning and experience is as important, if not more so than the destination itself. The Band truly enjoys the travel and freedom of touring, and is working on their newest album 'Noctiflora' due out in winter 2011. The group is comprised of four players: Tom Stanford (piano, moog voyager, and synths) Lee Stanford (Violin, Vocals, Effects) Chris Tegge (Bass, Vocals, Engineering) Michael Coletta (Drums, Vocals) 2009- Jazz-fusion group Wayfarers All celebrates it's new CD at the Boiler Room on Friday, Sept. 4. Husband-and-wife team Lee and Tom Stanford boast mastery of the violin (Lee) and MiniMoog Voyager (Tom), among other instruments. Anthony Dorion and Dug Karq round out the group with bass and percussion, and all bring a myriad of effects to the mix. The new self-titled CD shows off their complex skills. Plenty of dynamism to be had here, and Asheville's not home to many jazz-fusion bands so it's something of a rare show. Play the new CD at your next adult event. Or while you're cooking up a dish that takes several pots and pans to create. -Mountain Xpress.

1.1 Stinger
1.2 We
1.3 They Went Thataway
1.4 Sagittarius a
1.5 So on and Thing
1.6 Infinite Space
1.7 You Take the Road, I'll Take the Highway

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