Weehands: Weehands at Home

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Artist: Weehands

Artist: Weehands
Title: Weehands at Home

Let your Weehands sing! Pass the cereal, say hello to grandma and join Weehands to play, learn and sing all about things and people at home! The Weehands At Home Music CD introduces fun and functional vocabulary related to activities that you do every day at home with your baby, including mealtime, diaper change time and bedtime. This CD is a wonderful resource to promote language learning through song! Your child will sing, dance and play while learning first words. Pair these songs with American Sign Language signs you learn from the Weehands At Home DVD, website or Weehands class! Long before your baby can speak, he or she has the ability to understand what you say and wants to communicate with you. Additional lyrics by Sara Bingham, Weehands Founder. Music arranged by Mark de Domenico/Markus. Co-produced by Parenting Productions, Ltd and the Deaf Professional Arts Network (D-PAN).

1.1 My Wee Hands
1.2 Hello Everybody
1.3 The Alphabet Song
1.4 Five Laughing Babies
1.5 Change Your Diaper
1.6 Baby's Eating
1.7 On Top of Spaghetti
1.8 Five Little Ducks
1.9 Twinkle Twinkle
1.10 Time to Say Goodbye
1.11 Old MacDonald

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