When Cousins Marry

When Cousins Marry: Midnight Golf

$8.18 $9.98

Artist: When Cousins Marry
Title: Midnight Golf

A Southern band founded on old-time family values, When Cousins Marry has been making music around Chapel Hill, N.C., for 30 years. We began as a rock and blues cover band. Then one day, to everyone's amazement, we evolved. The 16 original songs on our second CD, Midnight Golf, range from rock to country, blues, and beyond, making for a sometimes indescribable wedding of styles. This is what happens...when cousins marry.

1.1 Got My Eye on You
1.2 Not My Fault
1.3 Chicago Style
1.4 Burnin' Sensation
1.5 Nightbird
1.6 Lauralei
1.7 Face Down in the Bayou
1.8 I Got Chased By a Mennonite
1.9 True to the Blues
1.10 Texas Moon
1.11 There's a Song in That
1.12 Eat It Over the Sink
1.13 The Angels' Share
1.14 Pottymouth
1.15 Midnight Golf
1.16 You Run Your Mouth Too Much

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