Widor / Nolan

Widor / Nolan: Widor: The Organ Symphonies, Vol. 5

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Artist: Widor / Nolan

Artist: Widor / Nolan
Title: Widor: The Organ Symphonies, Vol. 5

The fifth volume in Signum's series of Charles-Marie Widor's Organ Symphonies, performed by Joseph Nolan on the magnificent Cavaille´-Coll organs of La Madeleine, Paris and Saint-Sernin, Toulouse. Bridging the generations from Mendelssohn to Messiaen, Empire to Republic, Widor was born to the organ. His Lyonnaise kinsfolk were organ-builders, he showed early talent for the instrument, and for decades was the embodiment of it's might and splendor across the Gallic domain - his 'Organ Symphonies' were genre-defining in their influence.

1.1 I. Moderato
1.2 II. Andante Sostenuto
1.3 III. Allegro
1.4 IV. Toccata
1.5 I. Moderato
1.6 II. Choral
1.7 III. Cantilene
1.8 IV. Finale

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