Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

Wilco: Sky Blue Sky
Title: Sky Blue Sky
Label: Nonesuch

SKY BLUE SKY is as eloquently straightforward as Wilco's last studio recording, the Grammy-winning a GHOST IS BORN, was daringly experimental. Tweedy's lyrics deal forthrightly with romantic separation and reconciliation, their bittersweet quality giving way, as the album progresses, to a more uplifting, redemptive mood. Tweedy quite literally banishes the darkness on the penultimate track, the inspiring, gospel-tinged "What Light" - the album's first single - and concludes with a deeply affecting, till-death-do-us-part lullaby, "On and on and On".

1.1 Either Way
1.2 You Are My Face
1.3 Impossible Germany
1.4 Sky Blue Sky
1.5 Side with the Seeds
1.6 Shake It Off
1.7 Please Be Patient with Me
1.8 Hate It Here
1.9 Leave Me (Like You Found Me)
1.10 Walken
1.11 What Light
1.12 On and on and on
1.13 [CD-ROM Track]

Wilco: Sky Blue Sky

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