Wilhelm Furtwängler

Wilhelm Furtwängler: Furtwangler Condcuts Brahms Requiem

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Title: Furtwangler Condcuts Brahms Requiem
Label: Music & Arts Program

If you're interested in Furtwängler's views on the German Requiem, this is the performance to hear. Furtwängler led a reading of unusual intensity on this date. It's not that he emphasizes the music's contrasts, although these are given their due. It's more a matter of how he makes the music flow from one measure, phrase, section, and movement to the next; this is a German Requiem as a broad, inexorable river taking the listener to the peace of the afterlife.

1.1 1. Selig Sind, Die Da Lied Tragen (Ziemlich Langsam Und Mit Ausdruck)
1.2 2. Den Alles Fleisch Ist Wie Gras (Langsam, Marschmã¤Ssig)
1.3 3. Herr, Lehre Doch Mich (Andante Moderato)
1.4 4. Wie Lieblich Sind Deine Wohnungen (Bewegt)
1.5 5. Ihr Habt Nun Trauerkeit (Langsam)
1.6 6. Denn Wir Haben Hie Keine Bleibende Statt (Andante)
1.7 7. Selig Sind Die Toten (Feierlich)

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