Wintersoul: Frozen Storm Apocalypse

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wintersoul

Artist: Wintersoul
Title: Frozen Storm Apocalypse

Amidst the frost - laden solace of winter's inevitable eminence, Wintersoul commands the days of cold, sweeping over the lands, burying all in an invocation worthy of freezing over hell. Armed to the frostbitten jaws with mercilessness, death, and the foreshadowing bane of the frigid season to come, this UK ice - cold legion have finally unveiled their long - awaited full length debut 'Frozen Storm Apocalypse' available on Nokternal Hemizphear. Comprised of members from the likes of Ashen Mortality and Clemency, these hearts of arctic fury relentlessly impale your soul to massive ice walls of thrashy, chilling black metal sound with stakes of numbing permafrost technicalities. Immensely epic atmospheres of haunting clean female vocals and tenacious growls envelop the sheer essence of ripping guitars and blistering percussions. The moonlight gale of the nocturnal night eclipse wanes in majestic horror at the arrival of arguably the most terrifying black winter metal creation since Immortal's 'Battles in the North' and 'At the Heart of Winter'. Telling of a disastrous global blizzard where the masses transform into 'ice hearts' imprecating the torrents of evil ritual, to lay low the lands under a shroud of darkness, the hordes of the frozen dead seek to reap the souls from the few whom rebel amidst the blinding fury of the ultimate winter storm. Uniquely different from, yet similarly fashioned to the likes of Immortal, Imperial Crystalline Entombment, Immortal Souls, Absu, Antestor, Behemoth, Crimson Moonlight, Melechesh, and Legion of the Damned. Envision Immortal colliding with Kreator in a frozen mass of cataclysmic white injected with steroids! Think Imperial Crystalline Entombment doused with the essence of November's Doom and you have just begun to scratch the surface of Wintersoul. Only those of a pure winter holocaust soul dare enter the terrorizing glorious realm of Wintersoul where a 'Frozen Storm Apocalypse' resides with chaos, depravation, and misaligned beauty...

1.1 Frostland
1.2 Dawn of Ice Hearts
1.3 Thorns of Winter
1.4 Dark Winter Skies
1.5 The Awakening
1.6 Shades of Terror
1.7 Shadows of Death
1.8 Blood on Ice
1.9 As the Snow Falls

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