Wipers: The Circle (2016 reissue)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Wipers

Title: The Circle (2016 reissue)
Label: Wounded Bird Records

The Wipers were a punk rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1977 by guitarist/songwriter Greg Sage. The group's tight song structure and use of heavy distortion were hailed as very influential by many critics and musicians alike. The band is considered the first Pacific Northwest punk band. Or, at the very least, the only one that matters! The Circle is their sixth studio album, originally released in 1988. It was released on Restless Records and has been out of print for years.

1.1 I Want a Way
1.2 Time Marches on
1.3 All the Same
1.4 True Believer
1.5 Good Thing
1.6 Make or Break
1.7 The Circle
1.8 Goodbye Again
1.9 Be There
1.10 Blue ; Red

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