Woody's a Girl

Woody's a Girl: Into the Red

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Artist: Woody's a Girl

Artist: Woody's a Girl
Title: Into the Red

'Into the Red' is an album 2+ years in the making, made by only 2 people (a vocalist and an instrumentalist), who live on opposite sides of the planet. Woody's a Girl started as a solo project by Trisha Farnan of Perth, Australia in 2005, who over the years amassed a vast quantity of material. In 2010, she joined up with multi-instrumentalist Billy Bedard of Bakersfield, CA via a Smashing Pumpkins fansite and began assembling a full band rock record. For 2 years, the two built these songs from the ground up, sending tracks back and forth by email until ultimately, the two had a finished record. Presented here is the end result, featuring artwork created by Trisha herself, 'Into the Red' is proof of what is possible with today's technology for music. An online, worldwide collaboration yields a diverse, dark, poppy, trippy album, with songs about love, isolation, bitterness, hope, and regret. The band has already begun work on their second album, due out sometime in 2014.

1.1 Yes, New Loving
1.2 Ten Times Ten
1.3 Fall on Death
1.4 Debutantes
1.5 Adventures
1.6 Back Flip
1.7 Rock Face
1.8 Beyond Pale and Ageless
1.9 Red
1.10 Glossary Head
1.11 The Obituary
1.12 Song

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