Wormhole: Prophet

Wormhole: Prophet
Title: Prophet
Label: Firestarter

Wormhole is the weevil-brainchild of prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist Marcus Roberts from the Perth hills of Western Australia. The spacious 'Floydesque' psychedelic layered texture of the debut release 'The Prophet' interweaves elements of grubby industrial rock and lavish classical themes with indulgent guitar work (once thought lost to the acid binges of the early Seventies) into a finely crafted concept album masterpiece. Most efficiently described as 'space rock', Wormhole's style is epic and raw; a powerful yet beautiful journey into the archaic, futuristic, outer reaching realms of the human psyche, the way they used to do it back in the golden days of rock.

1.1 Overture
1.2 Seven
1.3 Seeds of Creation
1.4 Backwards
1.5 Not Unusual
1.6 Gabriel
1.7 Interlude I
1.8 1st Narration
1.9 Interlude II
1.10 Francis ; Evan
1.11 We Don't Want You
1.12 Interlude III
1.13 Lost
1.14 2nd Narration
1.15 Interlude IV
1.16 Madness
1.17 Overdose

Wormhole: Prophet

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