Yossi Tamim

Yossi Tamim: One Movement

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Artist: Yossi Tamim

Artist: Yossi Tamim
Title: One Movement

Yossi Tamim is an Israeli-born New York-based guitarist and composer deeply influenced by both American jazz and European classical music. His debut CD One Movement features intricate, mostly through-composed pieces with improvised solos, for jazz rhythm section and string quartet. The CD features top New York musicians from both musical worlds: The stellar jazz rhythm section includes pianist/composer Jim Ridl, drummer Tim Horner, and bassist Tom DiCarlo. The string quartet includes violinists Wende Namkung and Hector Falcon, violist liuh-Wen Ting, and cellist Rubin Kodheli. For more info' about composer/guitarist Yossi Tamim and his music, please visit yossitamim.com.

1.1 Kindergarten
1.2 Double
1.3 Sevivon
1.4 Morning Dance
1.5 One Movement, Pt. I
1.6 One Movement, Pt. II
1.7 One Movement, Pt. III

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