You Ate My Dog

You Ate My Dog: Like Torches

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Product Type: CD
Artist: You Ate My Dog

Title: Like Torches
Label: Sound Pollution

2011 release from the Swedish Pop/Punk band. You Ate My Dog has developed a Post Hardcore sound filled with joyful melodies and catchy harmonies.

1.1 Pretty Lights
1.2 Sticks and Stones Break Bones But These Words Kill
1.3 Still Lost
1.4 Caffeine and Sleeping Pills
1.5 Spin the Bottle
1.6 We Burn Like the Phoenix
1.7 Hospital
1.8 I've Read Your Story a Thousand Times [Interlude]
1.9 Skeleton Crew
1.10 I Guess That's Karma's Downside
1.11 Comatosed
1.12 Fist Full of Quarters [Interlude]
1.13 Save the Last Bullet

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