Zebra: Live in Leugen

Zebra: Live in Leugen
Title: Live in Leugen
Label: Korm Plastics

2010 release from the Experimental Dutch duo. Behind the Zebra-project, you find two of Holland's finest and most innovative sound explorers, Roel Meelkop and Frans de Waard, who have a long collaboration experience with earlier projects together such as Kapotte Muziek and Goem. Second launch from the Zebra is, as the title suggests, derived from a live concert in a club called Leugen in Brussel in December 2009, but the live recording has been reworked for this release. This time the two collaborators put serious concentration on rhythm textures and they prove a true talent in building beat structures into very catchy levels.

1.1 Urges Are Looking for You
1.2 Museings Are Jest the Start
1.3 Tharny Regrets

Zebra: Live in Leugen

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