Zion80: Book Beri'ah Vol 8-hod

$17.18 $19.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Zion80

Title: Book Beri'ah Vol 8-hod
Label: Tzadik

The brainchild of guitarist Jon Madof, Zion80 is a dynamic 10-piece ensemble that explores the Jewish tradition through the lenses of afro-beat, funk, rock and jazz. Drums and percussion drive this tight band of horns and guitars into a polyrhythmic intensity as driving grooves blend with the madness of the Downtown scene. Spiritual, grooving and endlessly exciting, this is essential Jewish music for the 21st century. Even better than their installment of the Book of Angel, Hod is a dynamic highpoint to the Beriah series! Masada meets afro-beat.

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