Prepare For An Interplanetary 'Arrival'! Adam King Of aliensdontringdoorbells Joins Tower's Live Show

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The origin story of the band aliensdontringdoorbells is almost as interesting as the music on their upcoming debut album, Arrival (see what they did there?) due out on October 16th. Deriving from a group of musical friends who had played on different projects, especially in cover bands, over the years who met as expatriates living in Spain and the Bahamas, a single session attempting to come up with a few songs led to a complete album.

Adam King of aliensdontringdoorbells joined our Tower Live show, hosted by Whitney Moore, to chat about the friendship among the band members and the inception of the ideas and sounds behind their new tunes! King also gives us behind-the-scenes insights and tales about their song "Story" and shooting the epic, generational video, which you can check out below:

Also, make sure to stay tuned to socials for the band for a big announcement on how to get your hands on their incoming release!

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  • Adam king

    Great interview, loved it, Adam King. #adamkinghq

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