Take In The Quiet Positivity Of Armon Jay's 'Lighthouse'


Singer/songwriter and guitarist for Dashboard Confessional, Armon Jay has released his latest single Lighthouse”, and also a video for it, from his forthcoming third solo album The Dark Side of Happiness, out September 18.

Tower Record's PULSE! debuted Jay's first single from the album, "Half-Life" and had an extensive chat with Jay, which you can still read right here.

With “Lighthouse", which we talked about in our interview, Jay uses "the powerful struggle of searching for light when someone is lost in their own dark headspace" to explore his life experiences.

The video for "Lighthouse" was filmed and edited by Guadalupe Bustos.

Here's a snapshot of those lyrics:

I’ll stay whole for you

I’ll try not to fall apart

Even on the days I drift out into the dark

Listen to me

Don’t let your spirit burn out

Stay lit for me

You are a lighthouse

Jay explains,

"On the surface, you would probably think this song is about leaving someone you love, asking them to be your guide while away. But for me, there is a deeper meaning. I can physically be around the one's I love and yet my mind and true self is somewhere else in a dark place. And that's when I truly need their light to guide me back." 


  • Elisa Reid

    Enjoy the melody and the lyrics…heartfelt song.

  • John Tschummi

    AJ man; I love this track and can’t wait for the album to drop because I definitely plan on picking it up for sure!! All the best……

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