Tower Labs Presents: Wilmah & Gooseberry

Written by Anthony Tranchina

Wilmah. Gooseberry. Back-to-back. What more can you really ask for? The answer is not much.

While it’s not often you find yourself in the midst of modern rockstars, this past week at Tower Labs, Brooklyn native bands, Wilmah & Gooseberry, took the stage delivering each of their own unique and electric sounds, transforming the intimate venue into a grand and stimulating arena. I had almost forgotten where I was…

Making their return to Tower Labs, Gooseberry successfully delivered a powerful prelude as the opening act for the night. The Brooklyn trio, known for their recipe of combining indie rock and soul, Asa Daniels (lead guitar/vocals), Evin Rossington (drums) and Will Hammon (bass) have cemented themselves as one of the hottest bands emerging from Williamsburg, and their performance truly lived up to their hype. Their renowned combination of rock and soul was perfectly delivered throughout each song, with all members of the band contributing their own personality to their performance. Asa’s capability of commanding the audience with his howling and melodic vocals was unmatched. Halfway through the set he even perfected one of his guitar solos on their biggest hit, “Sleep,” while standing on Evin’s bass drum, towering over the crowd. There is no doubt that everyone who attended the show left with the same conclusion: Gooseberry is a band to look out for.

Not long after, Wilmah took the stage. Known for their distinctive sound of blending of rock, pop, and alternative sounds, they have already carved out a place for themselves right here in Brooklyn and have rapidly established themselves as a must-see live act. With Matt Connolly on vocals/lead guitar and Will O’Connor on bass, they have always sought to remind their audience that “Willmah is your next favorite band,” and that is exactly what they did at Tower Labs. Brilliantly curated by Matt’s engaging lyrics and passionate delivery, and complemented by Will’s ability to perform the grooviest bass riffs, nearly all the fans at the show began throwing themselves around in unison, forming mosh pits fueled by the band’s chaotic and lawless energy. Heads were banging. Beers were tossed. Shirts were coming off. The band has never looked this good.

The bands’ setlists consisted of both old and new songs, performed with the same energy, if not better, than their recordings. Wilmah, from their biggest hit, “Television,” to their newly released single “Crazy 4 Your Crazy,” did not let their energy down for a single moment. From the first track to their last, fans were begging for more of Will and Matt.

While there are no announced upcoming projects from the bands, we did receive word that there are forthcoming albums in the works, specifically Wilmah’s highly anticipated debut album. In the meantime, you can check out Wilmah’s brand new music video for “Crazy 4 Your Crazy” out now, and catch Gooseberry this week on Sunday 2/19 at The Sultan Room, right here in Brooklyn.

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