Gun: Calton Songs

Gun: Calton Songs
Title: Calton Songs
Label: Cherry Red
Product Type: CASSETTES

A 14-track celebration of Gun's classic hits and favourite songs - semi-acoustic versions of that have appeared over the years as full-on rock tracks. Recorded initially by Dante in his spare bedroom, the songs were completed after lockdown ended in January 2022 in Glasgow's Morsecode studios. A fitting journey as the boys fashioned their songwriting skills alongside former Gun lead singer Mark Rankin in their parent's spare bedroom just a stone's throw from Glasgow's famous Barrowland Ballroom

1.1 Backstreet Brothers
1.2 Better Days
1.3 Coming Home 4 Steal Your Fire 5 Word Up
1.4 Frantic
1.5 Taking on the World
1.6 Crazy You
1.7 Money
1.8 Shame on You
1.9 Don't Say It's Over 5 Inside Out
1.10 Higher Ground
1.11 Watching the World Go By

Gun: Calton Songs

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Release Date: 10/07/2022

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