The Kinks: Ultimate Collection

The Kinks: Ultimate Collection
Title: Ultimate Collection
Label: Sanctuary UK

Arguably the finest Kinks collection on the market, ULTIMATE COLLECTION boasts 44 tracks on two CDs. The two-disc collection includes Kink classics like "You Really Got Me," "Lola," "Sunny Afternoon," "Waterloo Sunset," "Come Dancing," "David Watts," "Celluloid Heroes," and "Stop Your Sobbing," along with various B-Sides and rarities.

1.1 You Really Got Me
1.2 All Day and All of the Night
1.3 Tired of Waiting Fo You
1.4 Everybody's Gonna Be Happy
1.5 Set Me Free
1.6 See My Friend
1.7 Till the End of the Day
1.8 Dedicated Follower of Fashion
1.9 Sunny Afternoon
1.10 Dead End Street
1.11 Waterloo Sunset
1.12 Death of a Clown
1.13 Autumn Almanac
1.14 Susannah's Still Alive
1.15 Wonderboy
1.16 Days
1.17 Plastic Man
1.18 Victoria
1.19 Lola
1.20 Apeman
1.21 Supersonic Rocket Ship
1.22 Better Things
1.23 Come Dancing
1.24 Don't Forget to Dance
1.25 David Watts
1.26 Stop Your Sobbing
1.27 Dandy
1.28 Mr. Pleasant
1.29 I Gotta Move
1.30 Who'll Be the Next in Line
1.31 I Need You
1.32 Where Have All the Good Times Gone
1.33 Sittin' on My Sofa
1.34 Well Respected Man
1.35 I'm Not Like Everybody Else
1.36 Love Me Till the Sun Shines
1.37 She's Got Everything
1.38 Starstruck
1.39 Shangri la
1.40 God's Children
1.41 Celluloid Heroes
1.42 Wish I Could Fly Like Superman
1.43 Do It Again
1.44 Living on a Thin Line

The Kinks: Ultimate Collection

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