Jones, George: 50 Years of Hits

George Jones: 50 Years of Hits
Title: 50 Years of Hits
Label: Welk Records

This low-priced 50-track set takes you on a chronological "grand tour" of 50 hit-filled years from one of country's greatest voices, Mr. George Jones.

1.1 Why Baby Why
1.2 Just One More
1.3 Tall, Tall Trees
1.4 Color of the Blues
1.5 White Lightning
1.6 Window Up Above
1.7 Tender Years
1.8 She Thinks I Still Care
1.9 You Comb Her Hair
1.10 The Race Is on
1.11 We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds
1.12 Still Doin' Time
1.13 Walk Through This World with Me
1.14 She's Mine
1.15 I'll Share My World with You
1.16 A Good Year for the Roses
1.17 Take Me
2.1 A Picture of Me Without You
2.2 Once You've Had the Best
2.3 The Grand Tour
2.4 These Days I Barely Get By
2.5 Her Name Is
2.6 Near You
2.7 Bartender's Blues
2.8 Night Life
2.9 He Stopped Loving Her Today
2.10 Yesterday's Wine
2.11 Same Ole Me
2.12 I Always Get Lucky with You
2.13 She's My Rock
2.14 Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes
2.15 The One I Loved Back Then (The Corvette Song)
2.16 The Right Left Hand
2.17 Radio Lover
3.1 I'm a One Woman Man
3.2 A Few Ole Country Boys
3.3 You Couldn't Get the Picture
3.4 Finally Friday
3.5 I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair
3.6 High-Tech Redneck
3.7 One
3.8 I Must Have Done Something Bad
3.9 When Did You Stop Loving Me
3.10 Wild Irish Rose
3.11 Choices
3.12 The Cold Hard Truth
3.13 Beer Run (B Double E Double Are You In?)
3.14 50,000 Names
3.15 I Got Everything
3.16 Amazing Grace

Jones, George: 50 Years of Hits

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