Milsap, Ronnie: 16 Biggest Hits

Ronnie Milsap: 16 Biggest Hits
Title: 16 Biggest Hits
Label: Sony Legacy

2011 reissue of the 2007 compilation. Legacy Recordings perennial best seller 16 Biggest Hits series has been one of the most successful product lines in the Sony label's history. This collection of the North Carolina-born country legend's best includes his huge hits "Smokey Mountain Rain", "Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night)", "(There's) No Getting' Over Me", "Any Day Now" & more.

1.1 Pure Love
1.2 Smoky Mountain Rain
1.3 It Was Almost Like a Song
1.4 (I'm a) Stand By My Woman Man
1.5 Daydreams About Night Things
1.6 (I'd Be) a Legend in My Time
1.7 Lost in the Fifties Tonight (In the Still of the Night)
1.8 Please Don't Tell Me How the Story Ends
1.9 (There's) No Gettin' Over Me
1.10 Stranger in My House
1.11 My Heart
1.12 A Woman in Love
1.13 I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World
1.14 Only One Love in My Life
1.15 Any Day Now
1.16 Let My Love Be Your Pillow

Milsap, Ronnie: 16 Biggest Hits

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