The Cathedrals: Radio Days

The Cathedrals: Radio Days
Title: Radio Days
Label: Stow Town Records

Vault Series: Radio Days By: The Cathedrals StowTown Records / 2017 - One of the most beloved recordings of The Cathedral Quartet was Radio Days. This project was a tribute to the early beginnings of Southern Gospel quartet music. Many of the popular quartets began their careers by performing radio shows across the United States from 1930 to 1950. Songs from the Stamps-Baxter/Stamps Quartet and James D. Vaughn catalogs quickly rose to prominence as a result of these shows. Today those songs are considered classics. StowTown Records has extracted this treasure from their vault for fans to reminisce and even introduce to a new generation.

1.1 Ride That Glory Train
1.2 Mansion Over the Hilltop
1.3 Hard Trials Will Soon Be Over
1.4 Echoes from the Burning Bush
1.5 I Know My Savior Is There
1.6 A Cappella Reprise
1.7 I'm Gonna Serve My Lord
1.8 Love of God
1.9 Light of Love
1.10 I've Been with Jesus
1.11 I'm Looking for Jesus

The Cathedrals: Radio Days

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