Yalloppin' Hounds: Great Recession

Title: Great Recession
Label: Chambermusik Records

The Yalloppin' Hounds were the most popular, cutting edge New York band during the 'neo swing' movement. The band, currently weighing in at seven pieces, sounds like a much bigger group, due to the tight section riffing by the horns, and the constant driving beat. Contrary to many early misconceptions, the Hounds are neither neo-craze jump band nor a rap crew; they are a group of musicians and vocalists of the highest caliber who swing and/or groove hard with relaxed precision. Since their first incarnation in 1998, the Hounds have grown from a vibrantly authentic swing/jazz band to producing some of the most universal original music of the new millennium. With this new album, The Great Recession, bandleader/songwriter/arranger G-Clef da Mad Komposa decided it was time to unleash a brand new classic for the times, entitled, 'The Great Recession'. 'I wanted to invoke the mood of the Great Depression days but update it to what people around the world are feeling now, re-examining the deeply rooted connection between Swing Music and Hip-Hop,' explains G-Clef. Featured on this excursion again are G-Clef (Wu-Tang), Lord Sledge (The Toasters) and Peter Hartmann, as well as new female vocalist/discovery Leigh Vaiano, who will make listeners swear they are listening to a living Ella Fitzgerald once again. Easily the most fully produced Hounds album yet, 'Great Recession' will disintegrate all previously existent boundaries between listener, dancer, and the music itself.

1.1 Swing Your Soul
1.2 Great Recession
1.3 Can You Make It Swing for Me?
1.4 Lost in a Dream
1.5 Caldonia
1.6 Like Me
1.7 Everybody Hates An Honest Man
1.8 Better Alone
1.9 Fake Ass Bitches
1.10 Baby Work Out
1.11 Lonesome Road
1.12 You and Whose Army?
1.13 Your Mind
1.14 Portrait of the Beast
1.15 On the Sunny Side of the Street

Yalloppin' Hounds: Great Recession

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