Azymuth: Aurora Remixes + Originals

Azymuth: Aurora Remixes + Originals
Title: Aurora Remixes + Originals
Label: Far Out Recordings

2013 release. Previously unreleased, vinyl-only remixes and re-edits of Azymuth's Aurora (FARO 157CD, 2011) by some of dance music's stalwarts such as 4 Hero, Ashley Beedle and Zed Bias. The release contains a second CD with the full-length original Aurora album. Disc one features Far Out Recordings's specially commissioned, electrifying selection of remixes and re-edits from a host of today's most in-demand producers to pay homage to these now classic cuts laid down by the masters of "samba doido" ("crazy samba"). All having been heavily influenced by Azymuth's historical career at the forefront of Brazilian jazz funk taken global, this disc presents the heart and soul of Rio's favorite sons, reworked and reignited by the imaginations of a generation of artists they had such a huge effect on. A fitting tribute to these true legends of Brazilian music. Disc one also features remixes from: We Are The Horsemen, Maddslinky, MODE, Opolopo, Kirk Degioirgio, Mark E, LTJ Xperience and Paul White. Disc two features the original Aurora release. Returning to their unique sound, this recording was originally released in 2011 to celebrate over 35 years of Azymuth as "arguably the most successful band to come out of Brazil". The signature swing samba is heavier than ever with a string of unforgettable tunes, from dancefloor fillers and lush jazz to hard, grooving samba funk and warped psychedelia. Together the original three piece Azymuth orchestra has made their strongest album since the seminal recordings Azimuth (1975) and 1979's Light As A Feather (FARO 170CD). Discover why musicians as diverse as Friendly Fires and Madlib are addicted to this innovative boogie monster.

1.1 Aurora [4Hero Remix]
1.2 In My Treehouse [We Are the Horsemen Remix]
1.3 T Nessa Ainda Bicho? [Maddslinky Remix]
1.4 Isso Partido Alto [Mode Remix]
1.5 Carnaval Legrand [Opolopo Remix]
1.6 Diz No P [Kirk Degiorgio Remix]
1.7 Meu Meng [Mark E Remix]
1.8 Crazy Clock [LTJ Xperience Remix]
1.9 Que Bom [Paul White Remix]
1.10 Mulher [Ashley Beedle "Afrikanz on Marz Voyage" Remix]
1.11 T Nessa Ainda Bicho? [Zed Bias "4X4" Remix]
2.1 Aurora
2.2 In My Treehouse
2.3 T Nessa Ainda Bicho? [Are You Still in It Dude?]
2.4 Isso Partido Alto [This Is Partido Alto]
2.5 Carnaval Legrand
2.6 Diz No P [Say with Your Foot]
2.7 Meu Meng [My Mengo]
2.8 Crazy Clock
2.9 Que Bom [How Nice]
2.10 Mulher [Is Woman]
2.11 In My Treehouse, Prelude 1
2.12 In My Treehouse, Prelude 2

Azymuth: Aurora Remixes + Originals

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