1208: Turn of the Screw

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Product Type: CD
Artist: 1208

Artist: 1208
Title: Turn of the Screw

1208 are four young punks from the South Bay of Los Angeles that play a melodic-core brand of punk mixing the contemporary post-punk sounds of bands such as Fugazi and at the Drive In. TURN OF THE SCREW is the follow-up album to their critically acclaimed debut album, FEEDBACK IS PAYBACK.

1.1 My Loss
1.2 Fall Apart
1.3 Tell Me Again
1.4 Next Big Thing
1.5 Time to Remember
1.6 Smash the Badges
1.7 Lost and Found
1.8 Everyday
1.9 From Below
1.10 Hurts to Know
1.11 All I Can Do
1.12 Not You
1.13 The Saint
1.14 Turn of the Screw

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