1476: Wildwood / The Nightside

1476: Wildwood / The Nightside
Title: Wildwood / The Nightside
Label: Prophecy

"Wildwood" is a work of dark, atmospheric Art Rock that includes undertones of Metal, Neofolk and Experimental music. The record is a thematic experience about exploring and embracing contradiction. The music is dense, atmospheric and aggressive, yet incorporates acoustic and ambient moments to create surreal sonic landscapes. The lyrics comment on human nature throughout, interspersing hermetic, angelic, and animalistic imagery which ties the more introspective aspects of the album together. "Wildwood" is enhanced by the inclusion of 1476's 2012 EP "The Nightside", which contains four additional songs from the "Wildwood" recording sessions. These songs provide a somber counterpoint to the dense, driving, and at times abrasive sound of "Wildwood".

1.1 Black Cross/Death Rune
1.2 Watchers
1.3 The Dagger
1.4 Banners in Bohemia
1.5 Good Morning, Blackbird
1.6 Horse Dysphoria
1.7 Stave-Fire
1.8 Bohemian Spires
1.9 An Atrophy Trophy
1.10 Shoreless
1.11 The Golden Alchemy
2.1 Mutable : Cardinal
2.2 Know Thyself, Dandy
2.3 Good Morning, Blackbird (Alternate Version)
2.4 The Nightside

1476: Wildwood / The Nightside

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