3Lw: 3LW

3Lw: 3LW
Title: 3LW
Label: Sony

With their R&B flavored pop, flavor-laden hooks and sassy attitudes, 3LW are poised to be the new stars of the teen scene! Tracks include "No More," "More Than Friends (That's Right)," "Crush on You" and more. This product is an authorized manufactured on demand CD-R

1.1 No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)
1.2 Is You Feelin' Me
1.3 Playas Gon' Play
1.4 Gettin Too Heavy
1.5 I'm Gonna Make You Miss Me
1.6 Not This Time
1.7 More Than Friends (That's Right)
1.8 Curious
1.9 'Til I Say So
1.10 Crush on You
1.11 Ocean
1.12 I Can't Take It (No More Remix)
1.13 [CD-ROM Track]

3Lw: 3LW

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