5th Ward Boyz

5th Ward Boyz: Greatest Hits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: 5th Ward Boyz

Title: Greatest Hits
Label: Rap-A-Lot

5th Ward Boyz are by far one of the hardest groups to come out of the south, with their greatest hits such as "PWA," "Swing Wide," "Gansta Funk," "Reason," "Pu*y" and "Situation."

1.1 Reason
1.2 Pwa
1.3 Heat
1.4 Swing Wide
1.5 Gangsta Funk
1.6 Concrete Hell
1.7 Got 2 Be Down 2 Die
1.8 Situation
1.9 Your Life
1.10 Pussy Poppin
1.11 Jealous
1.12 Ho Shit
1.13 Same Ole Shit
1.14 Hustlin
1.15 Studio Gangsta
1.16 Hollyhood
1.17 Thanks for the Blessing

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